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        As a standard input device, mouse is indispensable.  With the continuous development of the personal computer, it has a gradual effect even over the keyboard. Good set needs to saddle on the post-horse, however, a good mouse will match good mouse pad.

        Besides, the best partner of mouse is mouse pad. I will make a explanation for some knowledge as below:

  1. The Degree of Smoothness

It is divided into two concepts.

Smoothness: It mainly used to measure the roughness on surface of mouse pad, and can guarantee the moving stability of the mouse pad.

Slide: referring to the degree of slide when moving the mouse on the surface of mouse pad

the degree of smoothness is higher, and the mouse moves smoother. Quantification is to promote the mouse in the same direction and power. Moving the farther distance represents the greater the slide.

 Factors that affect the slippery degrees are Slippery degree in material, shape and arrangement on the surface. The index is the most important factors affecting the following several indicators.

 Micro-operations: the micro operations in FPS games mean that a mouse makes a slow move in a little scope. Important factor in determining the quality of micro operations is the size of mouse pad. That is rapid friction. When friction become much smaller, micro operations will become much difficult.
Micro-operations of RTS games refer to more players can complete operations effectively within unit time. The lower the false probability it has, the stronger micro operation ability it gets.

        2.Under of the stress resistance

        For example, if you suddenly counter the enemy in a certain corner of CS, you will begin to shot with fast moving in the first reaction, and then your wrist will become much strength because of the emergency. Besides, the degree of moving will be faster than the common mouse. So the pressure of mouse pad will naturally increase. Its own resistance of mouse pad is the stress under the reaction. 

        3.The capacity of positioning

Generally speaking, position refers to the degree of accuracy of aimed star in the process of FPS games when it finishes from move to stopping. As an old saying “where is point, there is hit”.

After making some explanation of knowledge of mouse pad, do you have some related understanding? If you want to learn about more related content, you can contact me at any time.

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