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         We talk about difference between Natural rubber and recycled rubber today

        If we do not talk about the price of mouse pad, the common use on the market is recycling silicone, gel, complex silicone and natural silicone and etc. Which type of mouse pad do you like best? I believe that you can make a comprehension after listening my explanation. Different mouse pads have their own advantages, and natural mouse pad, I think, has a positive effect on easily wash, eco-friendly environment and hard dirty. That is to say, the first foal of choosing mouse pad is the above three points. We will make a test to certify which type of mouse pad is best?

  1. Reproducing Rubber

   From the test, we can see that it is very simple for grey blot to blend in the reproducing rubber, and the environmental production of this rubber is enough although it does not looks like a kind of eco material. Most of customers think that reproducing rubber can easily become this situation of shelters evil people and countenances evil practices. But it is true or not, we must make a test before making a decision. Mud and soot stains are usually attached on mouse pads not be bite by them.

       2). Natural Rubber

 There are many natural rubber mouse pads that are very popular in common life. Natural rubber mouse pad is usually new with time going by, and can have a better waterproof effect. Besides, it has no bad smell on fabric. The most point is that natural rubber mouse pad is easily wash, eco-friendly environment and clean.

We choose reproducing rubber and natural rubber to make a test for customers. Of course, there are some other types of mouse pads. For example, silicone, complex silicone, SBR and etc. Why we do not choose these types to make a test? The main reason is that most of customers have known its disadvantage just like above I have said. Another reason is that they are not eco environmental material.

Did you have a better understanding of mouse pads after magician’s introducing the advantages of ad mouse pads? If you want to know more, please contact magician.