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How to keep cioth mouse pad are as following three aspects

Release date: 2015-12-28 00:00:00

Mouse pad in the process of frequent use will easily become dirty if you don't pay attention to the daily maintenance. So it is very necessary to know some daily maintained skills. How to maintain the mouse pad in daily?magicianpad  Detailed explain for everybody to keep cloth mouse pad are as following three aspects:


1 Cloth has a good compatibility, and it can be washed (we can use wet cloth to wipe the surface. And frequently change the cloth, which affect the felling of touching)

2 silky soft, the structure of the double cloth becomes much close under high temperature and pressure, so feel much smooth.

3 Cloth mouse pad has a higher positioning capability, especially when the mouse moves on the surface of the instant brake ability, so by the RTS players.

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