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Shenzhen Magicianpad Co., Ltd. was established in August 3, 2011, specializes in mouse pad design, production and sales. Main business: foam rubber sheet, foam rubber sheets, mouse pad, game mat, hand bags, bar mats, yoga mats and other types of foam-based products. Have cooperation with Lenovo, HP, Asus and other famous brands.

   The company was founded by two experienced designers, as a young research-based rubber manufacturer, Magicianpad widely introduced in the art of talent, to create and expand their own research and development team to enhance the core strength. Under the rapidly changing industry background boutique after another, always clutching Magicianpad era feel, the pursuit of the most reliable quality, the latest technology, the most perfect design and best service.

   Magicianpad targeted at high-end rubber foam products, since its establishment, has successfully launched a number of best-selling mouse pads, large hand bags, keyboards drag mats have received praise consumers. Under this good start, inspired Magicianpad will continue, as always, implement the pursuit of quality. Faced with factory buildings, the status quo product assortment, Magicianpad will be born of the heart, the rebirth of courage, widely adopted Boehner, forge ahead, get the posture star, bright industry.

  Magicianpad would like to thank the consumers attention and support!